Monday, April 18, 2016

Tomato Tofu Egg Drop Soup (番茄豆腐蛋花湯)

This down-to-earth soup is easy to prepare.  It can be done within 10 minutes.
I had added white vinegar to the beaten eggs so that the eggs will be lumpy when poured into the boiling soup. 

1.  1 box of tofu, sliced  (I used egg tofu)
2.  1 tomato (cut into small chucks)
3.  some Xiao Bai Cai ,小白菜 (cut into sections)
4.  2 eggs (beaten with 1/2 tsp of vinegar added to it)
5.  3 cups of  chicken stock
6.  salt, pepper and sesame oil

1.  Sautee tomato for a few seconds.
2.  Add chicken stock.  Cooked until boil.
3.  Add Xiao Bai Cai and sliced tofu.
4.  Pour eggs gradually and stir gently.  Add salt to taste.
5.  Add pepper and sesame oil before serving.

Baked Pork with Tomato Sauce

This easy yet tasty dish is modified from a Korean cooking variety show.  The original recipe was just tomato sauce and pork.  Since I had cheese and tomato pasta sauce sitting in my fridge, I might as well experiment with them.  The dish turned out wonderful and cheesy. 


1.  250 g pork loin  ( I cut into 4 slices)
2.  1/2 a bottle of tomato sauce....(that will be about 3/4 cup)
3.  1 clove garlic, minced
4.  2 mushrooms, diced  (I used white mushroom here.)
5.  some cheese ( I happened to have Mozzarella cheese.)
6.  salt and pepper
7.  1 chilli, chopped

1.  Tenderised pork loin.  Marinate with salt and pepper.
2.  Pan-fried pork loin until cook, then set aside.
3.  Sautee garlic, chilli and diced mushrooms.
4.  Add tomato sauce and cooked until boiled.

5.  Placed pork into a oven proof bowl, pour sauce over.  Topped it with cheese.
6.  Baked in oven (160 degree) until top turns slightly brown.  (That will take about 15 mins)

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