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Fun at Ho Chi Minh

When I announced that I am going to Ho Chi Minh City for 6 days, many people wondered what I would be doing there.  The frequent question I got was "Aren't 6 days too long?"  Well, 6 days are just right for Ho Chi Minh City.  We visited many museums and cafes.  Here are some interesting places I went.

Shopping and Food

Ben Thant Market

Ben Thant Market is popular among tourists.  Things sold there can be more expensive than other markets.  There are small stalls selling food and handicrafts, textiles and clothings.  Some textiles stalls also double as tailors.

Vendors can be quite agressive.  They will touch you when you pass their stalls.  Just kindly shake your head or hands to indicate that you are not interested.

Food at Ben Thant market

Usually we avoid eating food from street hawkers.  It is quite safe to have a meal at Ben Thant market.  You can find quite a variety of local food such as Pho and Ban Mi.

The Workshop Coffee

Rest and relax at The Workshop Coffee.  Goo…

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