Sunday, September 17, 2017

Castella Cake 原味鸡蛋糕

I really enjoy castella cake.  It is very popular in Singapore now.  There is usually a queue at any bakeries selling it.  I like this cake because there is no cream of tartar or baking powder added to it and the texture is also moist and fluffy.


Part A
1.  6 egg yolks
2.  75 g oil
3.  60 g milk
4.  90 g cake flour

Part B
1.  6 egg white
2.  1g salt (that is approximately slightly less than 1/4 tsp)
3.  80 g sugar

1.  Heat oil in a microwave for 2 mins
2.  Add sifted cake flour into oil

Mix flour with oil

3.  Add egg yolks and milk and mix well, then set aside.

Add egg yolks and milk

Part B
1.  Add salt to egg white and beat until foamy.
2.  Add sugar gradually and beat until stiff peak.

stiff peak

Part A + Part B
1.  Mix 1/3 of part B (Egg white) into Part A and mix well

Mix 1/3 egg white to batter
2.  Mix the rest of Part B to Part A.

Mix the rest of Part B to Part A
3.  Pour batter into baking pan (8 inch square pan)
4.  Preheat oven 150 degree Celsius.  Bake for on the lowest shelf using waterbath method for 60 mins or when a toothpick is insert into the center of the cake and it comes out clean with nothing sticking, the cake is done.   (my oven seems to be very hot, so I turn my temp down to 130 degree Celsius)
If the top of the cake is slightly brown, cover it with a piece of baking paper to prevent it from getting burnt.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Japanese Seaweed Chicken

Japanese Seaweed Chicken can be done within 15 mins.  It is sweet and savoury at the same time.

1.  100g chicken fillet
2.  some seaweed

1.  2 tsp soy sauce
2.  2 tsp mirin
3.  2 tsp sugar

1.  Cut chicken fillet.  Make sure it is almost the same size as seaweed so that it is easier to wrap.
2.  Wrap fillet with seaweed.

3.  Pan fry fillet until cook.

4.  Pour sauce over chicken.  Coat every chicken fillet with sauce and cook until sauce is absorb by fillet.

Cute Bento Boxes

My new hobby is creating cute bento boxes.  Creating bento boxes help me de-stress.  I am able to let my creative juice flow and come up with some cute or crazy ideas.  Some of the bento boxes were so cute...too cute to be eaten.  I wanted to give my gals a surprise by making different cute bento boxes for them.

Here are 4 of my creations.

Bees in the garden
Knock Knock Kitty
What's inside  :  Rice, Tamagoyaki, String Beans with carrots and Seaweed chicken

What's Up Bunny

What's inside  :  Rice, Sugar Snap Pea with Mushroom, Burger, Potato croquettes

Hello Polar

Hello Teddy

What's inside  :  Rice, Broccoli with Carrots, Tamagoyaki, Baked Pork Cutlet
Just Bento

What's inside : Pork belly with spring onion, cauliflower, Thai style tau kua (firm dou fu)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chili...Mr Baek's receipe

Mr Baek did it again!  I tried this chili recipe after watching Home Cook Rescue 3.  The pot of chili I made using this recipe was great.  Unlike the usual chili recipe, this recipe does not require beans or a lot of spices.  Yet, it was flavourful and we just can't stop eating it.
The second time I tried this recipe, I used pasta sauce instead of ketchup as I ran out of it.  It was equally good, if not better.

1)  2 cups onions (that is about 1 big onions, chopped)
2)  1 cup mince beef (about 200g)
3)  2 tbsp. chili powder
4)  1 tbsp. sugar
5)  2 tbsp. mince garlic
6)  1 tbsp. ketchup  (can replace with pasta sauce too)
7)  2 tbsp.worcestershire  sauce or soy sauce
8)  1/3 tbsp. butter
9)  1 tsp cumin powder


1.  Cook butter, beef, chopped onions, mince garlic over medium heat.

2.  When onions turn transparent, add ketchup, chili powder and worcestershire sauce and stir well.

3.  Add 1 cup of water and stir occasionally.

4.  Finally add cumin.  Reduce heat to low and simmer until desire thickness. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Chocolate Castella Cake 古早巧克力鸡蛋糕

Castella cake is very popular currently.  There is always a long queue in the first ever Taiwanese Castella Cake Bakery at Tampines.  I was also introduced to a Japanese bakery, Oiishi Pan, at Toa Payoh.  When I went to get the cake at 11 am last week, the employee said that the cake will only be ready after 1 pm and suggested I placed an order as the cakes were usually sold out very fast.  I placed an order and did not regret as the cake melted in my mouth.

I did not want to queue for  another castella cake and decided to bake one myself.  After searching for the recipe, I was surprise  that the ingredients were all nature and wholesome.  In addition, sugar level is low.

I have tried the original favour and now I am sharing the chocolate flavor.  The cake texture was light and moist and it had became my family new favourite cake.

Ingredients (adapted from Steph's World)
8 inch square baking tin

Part A

1.  50g vegetable oil
2.  65g cake flour
3.  25 g cocoa powder
4.  90 g  milk
5.  5 egg yolks

Part B

1.  5 egg whites
2.  70g sugar

Part C
1.  Some chocolate chips

Part A
1.  Heat vegetable oil
2.  Sift cake flour and cocoa powder.  Pour vegetable oil and mix well until no crumb.
3.  Pour milk into batter first, then add egg yolks and mix well.
Pour in milk
Add egg yolks

Part B
1.  Beat egg whites and gradually add sugar
2.  Beat until stiff peak
3.  Fold in 1/3 of Part B to Part A.

Fold 1/3 Part B to Part A
4.  Fold in the rest of Part B to Part A.
5.  Pour 1/2 of the batter into baking tin.  Sprinkle some chocolate chips.
6.  Pour the rest of the batter. Lightly coat some chocolate chips with flour and sprinkle them onto the batter.
7.  Bake in a water bath for about 40 mins (this is based on my oven.  The original recipe suggested 60 mins).  I prefer to place my baking tin on the lower shelf so that the top will not burn.

Sprinkle chocolate chips onto of batter

Soft and moist cake

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pan fry Garlic Prawns

Prawns with garlic is surprising tasty although it only requires three ingredients.


1.  12 prawns
2.  3 garlic (slice thinly)
3.  3 to 4 dried chillies (cut into small sections)
4.  pepper
5.  1 tbsp. cooking wine


1)  Shell and de-vine prawns ( leave the last segment attached)
2)  Marinade prawns with some pepper
3)  Heat pan with olive oil and sautee garlic until fragrant
4)  Add dried chillies and fry until fragrant.
5)  Add prawns and fry until prawns are cooked.
6)  Finally, add 1 tbsp. wine and cover lid for a while.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Spicy Korean Style Chicken

What else can we do with soda besides drinking it.  I shared a recipe on Coke Chicken Wings previously.  Now it is time to share a recipe using 7-up (or you can use Sprite too).  The cooking method is somewhat similar to braising in this recipe.  Some people might feel that chicken will be tough if it is cooked again after pan frying.  Do not worry about it as 7-up will tenderize chicken.


1.  200g chicken (cut into bite-size)
Alternatively, you can use chicken wings too.  But remember to separate the drumette and wingette .
2.  Some spring onions
3.  Some sesame seeds (toasted)

1.  200ml 7-up
2.  1 tbsp. gochujiang
3.  1 tbsp. light soy sauce
4.  some sesame oil
5.  1 tbsp. minced garlic

Mix all the ingredients for sauce in a bowl


1.  Pan fry chicken pieces until brown.

2.  Pour in sauce and chopped spring onions and cover the pot. Allow it to cook for about 5 mins or until sauce evaporates.

3.  Before serving, sprinkle sesame seeds and chopped spring onions.

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